frank dam

Frank Dam
Studied arts at the Rotterdam College of Arts (Willem de Kooning Academie)now works as freelance illustrator for a major national daily newspaper and for a number of other magazines, specialized publications as well as commercial assignments. He works in a variety of styles and techniques in which technique is closely related to the concept and subject.
Dam also writes journalism. He has published two books on Dutch beat music of the sixties, which were serialized in NRC Handelsblad. In addition he supervised a retrospective exhibition on the legacy of one of Holland's famous sixties magazines, Hitweek, in the Museum for Graphic Design De Beyerd, Breda.
More recently he researched and conceptualized 'Beat Film' a National filmfestival on Dutch 'sixties' movies.

Incorporating iconic imagery from vintage books and encyclopedias within his illustrations Dam has recently begun to expand into 3-dimensional images.

From 1980s onward clients include: NRC Handelsblad, Onze Taal, VPRO Gids, Intermagazine, Intermediair, Avenue, Elegance, Hard Werken Design, Studio Dunbar, Hollander en van der Meij, SO Design, Will van Sambeek & Cie, TNO, Ministerie van Onderwijs, Twijnstra Gudde, ABP, NMB Bank ( now ING ) KPMG, ABP,ABVA KABO / FNV, Malmberg, Meulenhoff, Veen, Prometheus.

Frank Dam teaches at the department of illustration at the AKV / ST Joost School of Arts in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.